Random song of the day…

A Snow White remix by Pogo! A.k.a Nick Bertke. I don’t usually listen to remixes of movies, but Nick’s remixes are music.  It’s music, not just people talking in disjointed rhythms.  I love most of his remixes because it’s music that I can listen to with the rest of my music.  This isn’t my favorite […]

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En Français!!

Okay, so I really like French.  The language, the country, the culture, the people…in fact I’m taking two French classes next semester and I’m very, very excited.  I’m not sure why I like French so much, I just do.  Most of my friends think that French is hard (which I could’ve attested to that a […]

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Adventures of the Mozart Bag

Behold…the Mozart bag.  It’s my favorite bag at the moment so it goes wherever I go.  I decided to purchase the souvenir/necessity when I was visiting Vienna a couple of years ago.  They have them all over Saltzburg and Vienna along with other Mozart like items.  I was really excited about the bag, but when […]

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