Adventures of the Mozart Bag

Photo on 6-4-13 at 3.53 PM

Behold…the Mozart bag.  It’s my favorite bag at the moment so it goes wherever I go.  I decided to purchase the souvenir/necessity when I was visiting Vienna a couple of years ago.  They have them all over Saltzburg and Vienna along with other Mozart like items.  I was really excited about the bag, but when I came back to the states, I realized that a lot of people didn’t recognize Mozart AT ALL.  In fact they all called him George Washington.  I don’t blame the people who think that Mozart is George Washington (especially the non-musical types) because they both lived in the same time period and wore powdered wigs.  In fact, the powdered wig is all that needs to be recognized.  As a classical music fan I think that people calling out George Washington instead of Mozart is hilarious (especially when his name is written right on the top of bag).  This is Mozart, everyone.  NOT George Washington.  Wearing the bag just shows that I’m a classical music fan and I can give a short history lesson if needed.  Knowing who famous composers are is not a bad thing…

Mozart bag reactions:

“Hey, that’s George Washington!”–4

“Hey, that’s Mozart!”–3

“Who’s that on your bag?”–2


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