Logical Post: Meet the author


This isn’t my first time making a blog, but it’s the first one that I’m actually using…so without further ado, I’m here to introduce myself.  My formal first name is Jazmine, but I’ve been called other names.  I’m an introvert who likes to read, write, travel, and play video games, but most of all I like studying.  I like discovering things and thinking.  I love thinking.  But I don’t like thinking about math.  Anyways, this blog will be about…everything (I suppose).  The concept is very new.

I recently discovered that I’m missing out on a lot of things that people my age do (which isn’t very surprising because I don’t really like staying out in public), but I want to do some exploring and figure out the world.  If that’s possible.

This is me:

Photo on 4-18-13 at 3.57 PM

If you’re interested, I’m reading Dune by Frank Herbert in this photo.  There’s also an Assassin’s Creed 3 poster, a map of Middle Earth, a poster of Bruce Lee, and a Mass Effect poster.


2 thoughts on “Logical Post: Meet the author

    1. Dune was very interesting. I really enjoyed the book and even put it on the best science fiction novels that I’ve ever read! Paul’s character was very, very interesting and complex (I like complex characters). Mass Effect is one of the best games I’ve played, hands down!

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