WANDER-MYTHS: Why the French are rude (to you)

True, true, true.

The Wanderbug

Why the French are Rude   If I had a dollar for every time I heard “But the French are so rude!” I would finally be able to fund my dream of living in Paris. Paris is perfect, it’s just the people. Right? 171 I disagree. I’ve met rude French people, but I’ve met rude people from all sorts of cultural backgrounds. People are rude, it’s not a domain the French rule exclusively. In fact, I’ve found a majority of them have gone out of their way to be helpful! So why do we keep calling them out for being rude?

1. They’re not on holiday

Too often I think this bias can unfairly portray a population that puts up with the more tourists in the world than any other. If your city was the world’s number one tourist destination, you’d get a little tired of being bumped and jostled by dolts wielding iPads as cameras…

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