I’m an Introvert (A slight rant on my lack of a social life)

It’s summer.  Summer usually means fun and games, beaches, hanging out with long lost friends and chilling.  All of that sounds really fun, but at the same time it sounds really uncomfortable.  Please, let me explain. 

I’m an introvert, someone who likes keeping to herself.  But I’m NOT antisocial.  Oh no.  If you bring up books or movies I’ll never stop talking.  But most of the time I like keeping to myself and enjoying my own company.  That’s not all bad because I know how to deal with loneliness, but lately I’ve been feeling more and more lonely as I progress through adulthood.  I’m at the beginning, but as I separate from my close friends and discover that they would rather hang out with other friends, I realize that I don’t have as many friends as I thought I did…

Not only that, but I keep feeling like I’m inexperienced in experiences.  Particularly dating, but I won’t go into that.  All that I’ll say is that I’ve never dated anyone before.  Ever.  I’m starting to feel a bit strange as my friends start to make wedding plans…in other words I’m starting to feel extremely socially awkward.  

So this year I’m going to try and make an effort to become more social.  Slightly.  Being around people is actually mentally tasking for me but I’ll try! I’ll make more than three friends next semester! I hope.  I really hope so.  

Wish me luck.


3 thoughts on “I’m an Introvert (A slight rant on my lack of a social life)

  1. I’m exactly like you.
    What’s strange about me is that I used to be an extrovert. Planned all the outings for my friends and I was always the one inviting my friends to hangout.

    After I started going to university, I became an introvert and feel more comfortable being with myself.

    Oh and I also never dated.

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