K-Pop: The Unexpected Phenomenon

So I’ve been learning some Korean and in the midst of my Korean education, I discover K-Pop. Now, I don’t really enjoy pop music. Actually I DON’T enjoy pop music, but for some reason I enjoy K-pop.  This video is a song called “Sherlock” by the popular R&B boy group SHINee (they’re all seriously good looking by the way).  I was first introduced to their music when I watched “Boys Over Flowers,” which is one of the most popular k-dramas out there.  Seriously, if you’re looking to get into K-drama, “Boys Over Flowers,” is the like the one drama you have to watch.  I didn’t think that I would like it, but I did! I really did! It was strange because I’m not usually into that kind of stuff, but perhaps it’s one of my guilty pleasures…or not.

Anyway, since I’m planning on doing the 4-week internship in Seoul, I should start learning Korean! I mean, I’ve always been learning Korean but I need to step up my game.  What I really want to know is why am I not fluent already.  Eighty percent of my friends are Korean!! The equation does not add up!

I could have featured Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby,” but that one is an over the top music video.  In my opinion.  Watch it at your leisure.  BOOM SHAKALAKA.   Now you have to watch it.

Alright…here it is:

I know, it’s catchy.  Sometimes I find myself walking down the sidewalk going: “BOOM SHAKALAKA.  BOOM SHAKALAKA.  BOOM SHAKALAKA.” 🙂

I’ve also found a couple of indie Korean artists who I’ve came to enjoy.  It’s a nice, calmer side to the poppy K-pop.  I’ll share one for right now.

This is Mad Soul Child and the song is called “Breath.” The singer’s voice is so calming and it’s closer to the typical music that I listen to, so when it comes to Korean music, I usually prefer this type of music, but I still enjoy K-pop! BOOM SHAKALAKA.


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Why I like video games

This may seem a strange thing for a girl to be obsessed over, but at the same time, it’s pretty cool.  I mean, I don’t have many female friends that I can talk to since I am constantly thinking about video games (among other things; I’m not THAT obsessed), but that’s okay.  Usually I talk […]

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The Daily Spiel #1

A couple of weeks ago, I made the bold decision of declaring my majors.  Yes, majorS. So now I am officially an English and Computer Science double major.  Am I excited? You bet. I’m not quite sure what I want to do with a conjunction of both of my majors yet, but I know that […]

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