Speeches: Introvert’s Worst Nightmare (Daily Spiel #3)

Today I had to give a speech in my communications class.  It was not. Fun. At. All.  It was better than other speeches that I had given, but it did not mean that I enjoyed it.  No, I did not.  It was basically my nightmare come to life.  I didn’t go over, but then again I skipped half of what I was going to say.  Not only that, but people kept staring at me and that threw me off.  Big time. 


Yes, I know but I hate being in the center of any kind of attention even in small groups.  Small groups with friends is fine, but small groups with random people is not okay.  

On the bright side I got some good comments.  Apparently someone liked my speech to the point that I would be a great speaker one day.  😀 I JUST WANT TO HUG THAT PERSON BUT THE COMMENTS WERE ANONYMOUS!! That made me so happy.  Maybe I would hug them but maybe say “thank you” a hundred times until he or she walks away…

I just thought everyone basically thought the same way about my speech:


As in: “I don’t feel anything.”

 But I suppose it wasn’t bad…

But it definitely wasn’t good either.  Nope. 

Would I do it again? I have to. 

If I had a choice? Absolutely not. 

But at least I had the experience and I can definitely learn from it. 



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