Why I like video games

This may seem a strange thing for a girl to be obsessed over, but at the same time, it’s pretty cool.  I mean, I don’t have many female friends that I can talk to since I am constantly thinking about video games (among other things; I’m not THAT obsessed), but that’s okay.  Usually I talk to guys about this sort of thing because…well…they always seem to like video games.  Now, I don’t play the shoot-em-up video games that much for two reasons: One, I hate shooting things and two, I’m terrible at shooting in general.  Especially if it’s a first-person shooter.  Now, I am a Halo fan, so maybe I was lying a bit about not liking first-person shooters, but I am TERRIBLE at Halo.  I mean, I go into a multiplayer game and in a minute I find myself waiting to respawn.   I little bit better inside of the campaign…but I still can’t shoot.  If you’re wonder if I  play COD…no, I do not.  I still can’t past the sharpshooter part in the first Modern Warfare.  Nope.

But there are games that I am a BEAST at.  Like ASSASSIN’S CREED.  Especially the third one.  I rule in campaign (especially hunting in the frontier), but I am a specialist in multiplayer…for all three of the Assassin’s Creed games that have multiplayer.  I have beaten all of my male gamers in all modes except for Wanted.  But I will rise…and I will conquer.  I’m only down by 200 points so it shouldn’t be so hard.  I just like playing Deathmatch and Simple Deathmatch.  I rule at identifying people without a compass.

Anyways, I haven’t really answered my question.  I just rambled on how much I’m terrible at first person shooters and how much I like playing Assassin’s Creed on multiplayer.  I like video games because make you engage in a world that you can’t be a part of in other mediums, such as a film.  Or a book.  Now, I love reading and I HIGHLY recommend reading books more than playing video games, but I have to admit that I can’t be Commander Shepherd in a book.  I can only experience her story.  But I wish I could read her story in book form.  Oh man that would be awesome.  Yes, I favor femShep over male Shep.  But the art, the programming, the script writing, and the feeling of being inside a world that you can control is pretty awesome.  And I don’t have to be insane to do it.  Well, I also write and have created my own world, but that’s a different story.  A very different story.  I really like RPGs because I can be someone that I’ve always dreamed of being.  I mean, I can’t slay dragons in real life…

Video games also let me connect to my brothers a little bit more.  My oldest, younger brother LOVES video games and is going to school to be a video game designer.  So we have something to talk about around the table when I come home from school.  Sometimes when my family gets a game that we can all play, we just get on and have a good time on local multiplayer.

Top games I adore: 

Assassin’s Creed (all five games)

Mass Effect (The entire trilogy)

Bioshock: Infinite

Halo (the entire series)

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (also obsessed with this game)

Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

If I’m able to play a girl at some part in the game, I’ll play it.  Now since I mentioned that, I should write  a post about female characters…


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