Dealing with Loneliness

I have many, many, books and I’m thankful for that, but sometimes I feel like I’m missing something.  Usually it’s when I’m alone and I’m sitting in front of my computer looking at pictures of everyone around me with someone they cherish.

You probably know where I’m going.

I’ve never had someone that was always beside me and would walk with me to the museum and kiss me on the forehead.  I mean they don’t have to kiss me on the forehead, but you catch my drift.

I have friends, but I don’t have many.  In fact, I have more acquaintances then actual friends which is a bit disheartening.  And I’m a pretty interesting person! Actually…that may differ with each person.  At least in my mind I think I’m cool.

I keep hearing that I must be patient, and therefore I will.  I viewed this lovely video:

that made me think about being alone.  And it made me become patient.

And I am glad for this video because I realize that nothing is wrong with me.

I just need to be patient.

And of course, if I wasn’t alone I probably wouldn’t be able to do anything I wanted.


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