It’s my second year in college and I’m finding things about myself that I never thought that I would have to experience so soon.  For example, I discovered that Iw I can do anything.  Now that may seem to be a bit farfetched and possibly arrogant, but throughout my high school career I have found myself to be quite…low.  

I am an introvert as I have mentioned before, so taking a speech class was extremely terrifying.  When I mean that I was terrified, I mean that I was terrified to the point where I didn’t want to sign up for the class.  But I just wanted to get it over with because I knew that I would have to take it anyway.  To be completely truthful I hate talking to anyone except close friends and family.  I even hate speaking in front of my family members even though they won’t judge me as hard as other people who I don’t know.  

My first speech was a disaster.  I didn’t move from the podium, I spoke in a monotone voice.  And what was worse was that people remembered that speech! Luckily the only person who admitted to remembering it was my friend, but still…

My second speech improved in some areas, but overall it was terrible.  I was really feeling low because this class was another class that I wouldn’t be comfortable in.  And even though I knew that it was only a general education requirement, it still made me extremely uncomfortable.  But I sucked up all of my discomfort and my doubts about the class and I worked hard on the third speech. 

And I nailed it.  BOOYAH.  I nailed it so much I got an A+. OH THE BEAUTY.  I didn’t even know I deserved something so high because I still thought that I spoke awkwardly, but apparently it was good and everyone else thought so too.  


Perseverance works.  


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