YA Novels and POC

I read a lot of young adult novels because I am a writer who is writing in that particular genre.  However as I write my main character and plan her adventures, I realize that I haven’t read many books where the protagonist was a person of color.  I mainly see this in fantasy and science fiction genres (the two genres I write) and I am bit saddened.  I know that they’re out there, but why aren’t they as popular as characters who aren’t of color? Hmm…reader demographics maybe? Well, I know they’re out there so I’m on a quest to find them!

I love Octavia Butler but she’s not YA so…

The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson is a book I own and have read, and the female protagonist is a person of color.

Usually I don’t make a fuss about the main character of a story, but I remember that reading can be more than reading.  Sometimes readers visualize themselves as the main character because they’re relatable.  I understand that.  So why doesn’t someone look like me? I mean I see all of these great YA novels and series being made into movies and yet none of the heroes and heroines look like…me.  They all look the same but I’m not sure why.  I actually think that race of the main character in books had a subtle effect on me as a kid because I started to write characters were white.  I didn’t care about the main characters or what they looked like, but now since I think about it…I didn’t write about persons of color because I didn’t read many books with people of color…or any for that matter :(.

I’m not trying to be racist here (and I hope to God that I’m not) but I’m just analyzing my experiences with books and the race of the main characters of books.  Oh my god, I hope this comes out right.

I just want to see more diversity in books books.  They don’t necessarily have to be brown skinned (which is somehow the only other color that people think of when they hear POV i guess??????), but they can be other races.  Of course they can.

So if you would like to recommend some books to me with characters from different races, shoot me a comment. 🙂 I would greatly appreciate it.

If you can’t think of any, don’t sweat! Most importantly I like reading good books with good characters.  And plots.

I also started to read Divergent by Veronica Roth.  Leave me another comment if you want to know how I’m liking it! Or disliking it or whatever.


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