Why We Should Read More (In Public)

Great piece! I love reading in public though oddly it causes people to want to talk to me more.

Thought Catalog

Last week, The Atlantic published an article called “The Decline of the American Book Lover.” Despite its ominous title, the piece actually just talked about the recent data on how much Americans are reading books, and the fact that 18-24 year olds are reading no less than they did before 2002.

So it got me to thinking: if young adults are reading the same amount as we did before the phrase “social media” was even in our vocabulary, then why does everyone assume that we are not? Why is it that millennials get such a bad rap when it comes to reading?

Perhaps it’s our attachment to interactive forms of media, or the abundance of entertainment channels that we are all too well-versed in. Maybe we talk so much about television and movies that people assume we don’t read anymore. But that’s our dirty little secret – we do.

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