Fight Scenes, K dramas, dreams, computer science Frustration

I’ve read a lot of books ( if you want to take a look at some of the books I’ve read just take a look at my Goodreads widget thing), and I’ve read a lot of fight scenes, but not enough.  How do I know I haven’t read enough? Well, I CAN’T WRITE A FIGHT SCENE FOR MY LIFE.  

Every time I try to write a fight scene for one of novels, I have this look:


It’s so bad because I can’t tell if I’m actually writing a fight scene…or trying too hard.  Is this a fight scene or is it just two people slapping each other? Maybe I have to pay close attention to fight scenes in books (war battles are a drag to me but I also have to pay more attention to those details…).  Actually YES I do have to pay closer attention to fight scenes because that’s how I learn.  From observing! My actual problem is the fact that my characters are real martial artists and…I’m not at the point where I can write a fully-fledged martial arts scene that’s accurate in detail.  I’ll have to work on that too. *puts in all of Jet Li’s and Bruce Lee’s movies in Netflix queue*.  It’s actually very embarrassing that I don’t understand my own characters yet.  Oh writing….

And then there’s computer science….


Yes.  That is me.  Today.  Every day.  All the time.  I seriously question why I chose computer science.  Oh yeah! Because I want a JOB.  That’s why.  And because I like technology and want to work for NASA one day.  So I guess that solves that. 

But the pain of computer science is so…painful.  I mean how could something be so painful and yet so satisfying at the same time.  The feeling that you get when a code works is like water on a burn but before that, it’s all fire.  And fire is HOT.  It’s a struggle, especially since I have absolutely no experience with coding.  So when I jumped into this college class I nearly jumped right back out like a cat who was thrown into a tub of water.  But I didn’t.  And I’m glad I didn’t.  

I suppose seeing Mae Jemison speak about technology and the future of humankind and technology, I would feel guilty if I just quit all of a sudden.  She spent a long time talking about how we should be more in tune with technology and that we need women in STEM fields. It would feel like I’m giving up on a dream that is held by more than one person because she’s not the only one who wants more women in STEM.  I want to work for NASA and if I want to make that happen I have to keep going.  I may not be good now, but that’s what practice is all about.  It may be difficult at first, but if I don’t try I don’t have a chance.  And if I don’t have a chance then I miss out on my dream.  Swoosh and miss.  Giving up is just as bad as  trying to dunk but the ball bounces off of the backboard. The opportunity is there, but it’s completely missed.  

Lesson learned.  

On another note, I am in the the middle of the popular drama Rooftop Prince.  



IT IS SO GOOD.  I mean, I’m not usually the type of person to watch these kinds of shows, but these K dramas are SO ADDICTING.  Not to mention there is plenty of eye candy.  😉 In short it’s about a prince from the Joseun (?) era (about the 1700s) who is transported to present day shortly after the death of his wife.  Now stuck in modern Korea, he is smitten when he sees a woman who is the spitting image of his dead wife.  Of course it’s more complicated than that (K dramas usually are), but that’s the gist.  And everything spurs from episode 1.  

When I finish this drama that would mean that I have fully seen four k dramas.  The other three  were Flower Boy Next Door, Boys Over Flowers, and Playful Kiss (OH HA NI!!!! hahaha).  I’m also watching Coffee Prince but I took a hiatus with that one because I can only watch it on Hulu and the commercials are extremely annoying.  Hopefully it’ll find it’s way to Netflix.  

I’ll try to post more frequently if possible.  Finals are coming with a storm.   


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