Being in Two Colleges: LET THE ADVENTURE BEGIN.

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On the last day of the month of March I made the decision to allow myself to be a student of two schools.  Now I’m in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences AND the College of Engineering.  So far it’s not bad.  Well, except for computer science because I have a continuous urge to do this:


And I’m only beginning.  But English is peachy (as usual).  the only problems that I have with English is the fact that I’m constantly reading material that is for class instead of reading books that want to read.  And the 10 page papers.  Yes, the 10 page papers.  But I asked for it, so I’m not going to complain about it.  

Why do I need both? Well, other than I love reading and writing and I love computers, I need English because it gives a chance to practice my writing skills and to practice my written communication skills.  They are both necessary in computer science, for writing reports, and things of that nature.  I remember when I was in high school my dad would let me edit his reports that he had to give for work.  His peers stated that they were well written because they had correct grammar! They must have thought that his reports were better than theirs! Editing works, yo.  

Other than having written communication skills, English is great for analyzing and being sensitive to human emotions.  What? Human emotions? Yes, human emotions.  English is basically analyzing.  Ever written an analysis paper on books like The Scarlet Letter and Huckleberry Finn? That’s basically what an English major’s life is like.  Analyzing.  Taking things apart and writing conclusions about them.  Analyzing also gives you and opportunity to get a feel of what someone else’s shoes is like.  If you think about the characters and how they are really different than you, then you have a feeling of what someone else’s life may be like.  It’s very rewarding, especially when you’re dealing with people in the workplace.  Also, did I mention that you’re always on the lookout for mistakes? Having a mind that is always looking out for errors helps.  Greatly.  But it could bother you too, especially when you see mistakes in public.  Sometimes seeing those mistakes just makes you want to cringe and back away…into the darkness…so that you wouldn’t be able to see mistakes in public ever again *shudders*.  Anyway, English also allows you to see the full picture of something, or things that wouldn’t normally be seen.  Employers will (hopefully) thank me for having these skills.

Of course, because I’m also an English major, I get requests to edit papers for my computer science peers.  Being asked for help usually comes with begin an English major I suppose.  I mean, if I had a friend who was an English major I would do the same thing…

So that’s the short version of why I chose to pair English with Computer Science.  It’s an odd pair but I think that they go together…just not in the ways that one would normally expect.  


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