The “Boring Stuff”

Originally posted on GirlsHeartBooks:
When aspiring writers ask me how to make characters feel more solid and believable, there’s one piece of advice I often give. Don’t forget the ‘boring’ stuff. I don’t mean that a story should be boring. Heavens, no. I’m just saying that we writers have so much fun writing the weird…

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Finally! A first chapter

I have been working these past few days and my hard work has paid off! Somewhat. I have completed the first chapter of my long awaited science fiction. I had to start, restart, start and restart several times before I finally got the atmosphere right. Words do matter, people. Word choice, sentence structure, and tone […]

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And I thought I had it…

Last night while I was having some beneficial alone time, a giant idea came into my head that just about cancelled EVERYTHING I’ve written.  I’m currently writing a science fiction novel, but I’ve found that my ideas were lacking.  The stuff that I was writing were things that I have read before.  I was playing […]

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