And I thought I had it…

Last night while I was having some beneficial alone time, a giant idea came into my head that just about cancelled EVERYTHING I’ve written.  I’m currently writing a science fiction novel, but I’ve found that my ideas were lacking.  The stuff that I was writing were things that I have read before.  I was playing it safe…but now everything is going to change.  

Because I have just discovered an idea that may get rid of all of my troubles.  Now to explain everything right now in this one post will be too long, too boring, and unnecessary, but at least I have an idea.  And now I will WRITE.  

Writing science fiction is not easy and I think that I’m a bit too inexperienced with the genre to write something worth of publishing, but I’m going to try anyway.  I love science fiction, always have, but coming up with original ideas is becoming increasingly difficult as new books, movies and tv shows are coming out at a freakishly alarming rate.  The best thing that I can do is take one thing and blow it up.  Plant one simple idea and watch it grow (I know that sounded like INCEPTION …).  And subplots.  HOW DID I FORGET ABOUT SUBPLOTS.  They can be very interesting and beneficial to the story, but they can also be dangerous.  VERY dangerous.  

This is a short post, but I’ve been blessed with the sword of authorship and I must return to my post in the brink of inspiration. 




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