Pretty and Beautiful

As I writer I am profoundly interested in the common usage of simple words.  The two words that I hear continuously are “pretty” and “beautiful.” But I have also noticed that the usage of these words are sometimes interchangeable and sometimes they aren’t.  In French, the words “jolie” and “belle” are different, or at least […]

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YA Novels and POC

I read a lot of young adult novels because I am a writer who is writing in that particular genre.  However as I write my main character and plan her adventures, I realize that I haven’t read many books where the protagonist was a person of color.  I mainly see this in fantasy and science […]

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Finals Week (Daily Spiel #4)

It is finals week at my school and I’ve never seen so many people studying in one single Starbucks so early in the morning.  But it’s final week and everyone is freaking out.  As for me, I had three essays and two papers to write for finals week,but I only have one final to actually […]

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