Midnight in Paris Intro Scene

This is a Paris portal for me. I’ve only been to Paris once, staying for a few days, but even though I didn’t spend much time strolling down the sidewalks, I still miss Paris. This intro scene just makes me warm all over and so nostalgic…I love this scene. I mean, I love the whole movie, but this intro scene just pulls me in. It just makes me want to go back and just sit at a Parisian cafe and converse with a native. Well, that is if I can get my French down…

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En Français!!

Okay, so I really like French.  The language, the country, the culture, the people…in fact I’m taking two French classes next semester and I’m very, very excited.  I’m not sure why I like French so much, I just do.  Most of my friends think that French is hard (which I could’ve attested to that a […]

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