And I thought I had it…

Last night while I was having some beneficial alone time, a giant idea came into my head that just about cancelled EVERYTHING I’ve written.  I’m currently writing a science fiction novel, but I’ve found that my ideas were lacking.  The stuff that I was writing were things that I have read before.  I was playing […]

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YA Novels and POC

I read a lot of young adult novels because I am a writer who is writing in that particular genre.  However as I write my main character and plan her adventures, I realize that I haven’t read many books where the protagonist was a person of color.  I mainly see this in fantasy and science […]

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Why I like video games

This may seem a strange thing for a girl to be obsessed over, but at the same time, it’s pretty cool.  I mean, I don’t have many female friends that I can talk to since I am constantly thinking about video games (among other things; I’m not THAT obsessed), but that’s okay.  Usually I talk […]

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